MEES, an award winning* newsletter, is among the world’s foremost authorities on oil and gas in the Middle East. Our successful weekly newsletter provides a comprehensive source of news and analysis on energy, financial and political developments in Middle East and North African countries to our subscribers. [*Winner of the ONS Media Prize in 2000.]

MEES is published each week with five clearly labelled sections:

  1. Top Stories: Major forward-looking features shedding new light on Middle East energy developments, and the financial and political implications associated with them. Each week, one of the Top Stories is a MEES Agenda item, highlighting a topic that our editors see as a key subject for discussion in the days ahead for those with an interest in the Middle East energy/finance world.

  2. Energy Fundamentals: The vital facts & figures of the week’s Middle East energy developments grouped together in an easily accessible single section. Energy Fundamentals provides comprehensive coverage of oil prices, market trends, and supply and demand developments. It also charts countries’ budget oil price assumptions, and key ratings changes.

  3. News By Country: Specialized news by country embodies all the key news developments of the week, from Algeria to Gulf. Laid out in alphabetical order by country – with a Regional category as well – this section provides a comprehensive round-up of events that will be compulsory reading for anyone attempting to follow the fast-moving Middle East energy scene. As well as news of upstream/midstream/downstream oil and gas changes, and petrochemical and power/desalination projects, MEES also specializes in coverage of energy finance and analysis of the budgets of the oil/gas producing countries of the Middle East. Furthermore, MEES follows closely government policies affecting energy and finance, and key energy sector appointments.

    MEES is also one of the leading sources of information on upcoming conferences associated with the Middle East.

  4. Political Comment: A weekly commentary on developments by MEES Political Editor Charles Snow, with occasional contributions from other analysts.

  5. OP ED/Documents: A much-sought-after platform for outside contributors. MEES publishes a wide range of longer articles on subjects from some of the world’s leading Middle East experts – government officials, energy industry executives, leading academics and other eminent analysts. The Op Ed pages have proved to our readers to be as stimulating as they are interesting, provoking further debate inside and outside MEES.

Editor-in-Chief David Knott is happy to consider submissions for publication ( This section also allows MEES to provide subscribers with a record of key documents (UN resolutions, royal decrees etc) relating the Middle East as they arise.



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MEES is the product of over fifty years worth of accumulated experience and expertise in the energy and finance sectors in the Middle East and North Africa. It is the foremost provider of timely, accurate and authoritative analysis on developments within these fields to decision makers around the world. MEES subscriber base includes leading energy corporations, financial institutions and governments, both in the region and globally. MEES is circulated to subscribers in over 56 countries worldwide.

Subscription to the MEES Newsletter gives you a choice of electronic or airmail delivery (at an additional cost), access to a wealth of information on our website as well as news-alerts/special reports. For an additional fee subscribers may access the online MEES archives dating back to 1984.