GCC-Japan Trade Hits $182Bn

Published on Monday, 03 Jun 08:26 am

The value of two-way trade between GCC countries and Japan grew 12.3% in 2012 to $ 182.13bn, compared to $162.23bn in 2011, the Japan External Trade Organisation, or Jetro said. Japan’s exports to GCC countries grew 27.1% to $24.94bn in 2012 from $19.63bn in the previous year, and imports 10.2% to $157.18bn from $142.60bn, it said. Saudi Arabia was Japan’s largest trading partner in the region and the top supplier of crude oil.The value of Japan’s trade with the UAE grew 5.2% to $52.9bn in 2012, from $ 50.3bn in 2011. Japan’s exports to the UAE increased by 19.9% to $8.96bn and imports by 2.6% to $43.98bn. The UAE was Japan’s largest export destination among the GCC countries in 2012, covering a share of 35.90% of Japan’s total exports to the GCC.

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